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Complex Civil Litigation

The lawyers of Bustamante & Gagliasso have established a reputation by aggressively and successfully representing clients in both federal and state trial courts in a wide array of complex litigation matters.

Our firm has handled complex civil litigation involving matters such as:
  • Construction Defect Litigation
  • Multi-Party Contract and Tort Claims
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Class Action Lawsuits

If you are being pulled into complex civil litigation, you will need more than expert knowledge of the law. You will need a team of professionals with sophisticated management skills to handle the multiple, competing interests and tremendous amounts of documentation and testimony. Our lawyers have rigorously fine-tuned our approach to complex civil litigation. Throughout the proceedings, you can count on the following:

Case Administration & Management

  • We move your case forward.  Our lawyers excel at leading multiple parties to agreement on procedural issues.
  • Cost effective management.  We prepare comprehensive and effective litigation plans which make the development and resolution of the case more timely and cost effective.
  • Professional collaboration. Our lawyers know how to select and work effectively with the appropriate Special Master, Discovery Referee, Arbitrator or Mediator.


  • Managing complex discovery schedules.  Our lawyers integrate multi-track depositions with the production, organization, and review of hundreds of thousands (and sometimes millions) of documents without delay.
  • Experts and consultants.  We oversee the investigation and retention of superior expert witnesses and consultants.

Law & Motion

  • We advance your interests. Our lawyers bring well prepared motions that are meaningful to your case.
  • Protection from opposing motions. We vigorously and intelligently oppose motions brought against you by adverse parties.


  • Skillful negotiations. Our preparation and advocacy maximizes your interests. Years of successful settlement negotiations means our lawyers can recognize opportunities to resolve your case before trial.


  • Presenting the essence. We distill each case down to its essential elements. Our lawyers’ skillful presentation allows the judge or jury to comprehend in a matter of hours or days what took us months or even years to understand.
  • Effective communication. Our lawyers utilize the strongest evidence and witnesses to efficiently communicate your points.
  • Fine-tuned style. Each judge and jury has its own likes and dislikes. Our lawyers tailor their presentation and advocacy style to heighten the reception of your message.